Saturday, May 16, 2009

Points and Fourthmeals

HEY! It's been awhile...let's just say I fell off the health wagon for about a month or so. This was so because of many underlying issues. Some being:

*One of my bff's at work was full term in her pregnancy, and I (willingly) allowed her to talk me into getting delicious cheeseburgers and smoked turkey sandwiches(on pretzel rolls, with honey mustard sauce).  Sometimes a few times per work week. Whilst gluttonously savoring these dishes, often occompanied by a side of seasoned fries and/or an ice cold root beer, my Lean Cuisine meals sat in the fridge, slowly getting a freezer burn.

*Being healthy is HARD! Being healthy after consuming a (ahem) few cocktails=nearly impossible. And seeing that I am two blocks away from any fast food chain I could possibly crave, it's hard to choose a route that doesn't catch my drunken eye with their evil neon signs. 

Example. Me, on any given Friday night, post bars closing:

"Hey! Hey, Andy, pull over. I want some TACOS. Just two. Jussssst, just two. 'Cause I'm trying to be good. And, two tacos isn't BAD, right? GOD, I'm fat. I'm huge. I don't even care. Make it three tacos. AND a big Dr. Pepper!"

*Exercise=Discipline. I've always had problems following rules and being disciplined. Especially when there is no one there to slap me on the wrist when I am being lazy. I began counting the nights I "danced" at the bars exercise. However, I'm not quite sure that swaying my hips and bobbing my head to the music has ever made me break a sweat. 

Just a few examples, folks. I am on the right track again. Keeping track of how much(or little) I consume has worked well for me. The Weight Watchers point system is  glorious. It helps when there is any item of food, even if it is vegetables, that have zero points. This gives me the option to be gluttonous, even if it is by consuming 3 tomatoes. It's all about options. I have lost three pounds in two weeks. Yay! 117! Now, me being a big fan of instant gratification, I was expecting a monumental loss automatically. When I don't consume bread and/or pasta on a daily basis, I expect my body to immediately begin shedding lb's. Not true. 

But I'm getting there. I am off to go for a (strenuous)walk!