Friday, June 3, 2011


Scene 28:

Fade In:

She is spinning in countless circles, while a melody of strings exits the speakers. She stops spinning, and opening her arms, begins swaying, left, right, left, right. Behind her, through the window, the summer sun is slowly setting, casting a light over her shoulder. She closes her eyes, smiles, and spins again, her hair catching shimmers of sunlight as she goes. Round, and round. Her dog is seen from the doorway, and has a wistful and guilty look in her eye, as if she has interrupted her master's lone secret dancing. The dog begins to turn around, but hesitates. She can't stop watching. When the music is over, the dog's master stops dancing, opens her eyes, and sees the canine spy. She giggles. She is delighted to have a dog audience of one. Seeing this, the dog wags her tail, as if requesting an encore. But alas, there is not another dance. She walks, through the doorway, passing the dog.

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