Saturday, June 1, 2013

God's Face

Yesterday I saw God's face twice. Once in a 70 year old woman, who told me I had a beautiful smile. This happened to come to me when I was feeling ugly and dark.

I saw God's face, again, later that same day. Just minutes after I received some startling and somber news, just after the tears had dried, face had de-puffed. A rather quiet resident(with whom I have zero relationship, have had zero conversations, and have barely made eye contact on more than one or two occasions) told me that I had lovely eyes. You know, eyes have been said to be the window to the soul. At this particular time, I was feeling so low and empty, but he still saw something in my eyes.

And today, I saw God's face. At 5:47 PM, as I was pouring myself a glass of water, the sun shone on me in such a way that a peace washed all of my sadness away.

It really is true. God is there when you need Him the most. Just a reminder.

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