Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slow and Steady as I Go

I am almost through day 3 of me honoring my temple...a few mentionables:

I worked an 8 hour shift(a Monday, at that), sans coffee or cigarette. Shocker was, I had a great day! All I consumed, beveragely speaking, was water. Now, I'll be honest, I strolled by the coffee bar(ahem) a few times, only stopping once to stare and deeply inhale the sweet, taunting, forbidden aromatics of the cursed bean which has left its stain upon my teeth for too long. Moving on...

I have stuck to my new eating habits. I have been eating for nourishment. Yeah. Gotta say, eating a Lean Cuisine and an apple for lunch is hardly satisfying or enjoyable in the least. Although I do enjoy the sweet nectar that lies within apples. The intensity of my enjoyment was brought to my attention this morning, when 3 consecutive profanities came spilling out of my mouth after dropping the fruit on the floor upon arriving at work. I picked it up and gingerly placed it in my mailbox...and when I checked on it not an hour later, I saw the bulbous bruise that had already formed on its yellow skin. Damn!

Two of my co-workers have brought Chinese leftovers to work for 2 consecutive days. Today, I undressed a crab rangoon with my eyes. So, oh so sad. I must say, however, that I am witnessing a willpower within myself that I wasn't sure existed. I have faltered twice...to a heavenly Double Stuf Oreo given to me by a fellow(enabling?) employee, and also to an iced coffee drink, which I drank, carefully, through a straw. I don't believe in going cold turkey, okay?! Don't judge me.

Moving on from food(did I really just think that?), my exercise, since Sunday, has consisted of:

*Playing the tambourine in my slippers to the entire Beruit album
*Walking from room to room in the O.R.
*Folding laundry
*Typing my blog

Nobody is perfect, right? I will be hitting the weights and elliptical tomorrow(this is the horror section of the blog...where you picture me flailing about, sweating and red, on the machine).

And lastly, I am proud to say that I have flossed my teeth daily. I have brushed 3 times a day, as well. I'd like to say that I can notice a change...but alas, there has been no such thing. Unless you count the change in tenderness that my gums have accquired. I suffered through a piece of chewing gum last night, it was sheer agony. It will get better. It MUST.

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  1. I floss daily. It will get better and make a difference in your health. I rarely get sick anymore, and I used to get sick constantly.

    I'm by no means healthy, but quitting smoking was the best thing I ever did. Good luck, lady.